Membership in the Psychoanalytic Consortium

Composed in 2007

 1.  Psychoanalytic Membership Organizations are eligible to apply for membership as a component organization in the Psychoanalytic Consortium.

 2.  A Psychoanalytic Membership Organization is defined as: a) one whose members belong directly to the organization, meaning that they apply on an individual basis, meet criteria established by that organization and pay dues to that organization; b) the officers of the organization are elected by the members as defined in (a) above.  A Psychoanalytic Membership Organization has individual members and, also, may have affiliated institutes and/or societies.

 3.  An applying Psychoanalytic Membership Organization must have a minimum of 300 members and an avenue by which individuals may join without graduation from its affiliated institutes.  These individuals must meet the standards of the particular organization.

 4.  Organizations joining the Consortium will accept the Bylaws and policies established by the Psychoanalytic Consortium, including The Standards of Psychoanalytic Education.

 5.  Any applying organization that has affiliated institutes must certify that its affiliated institutes' educational and training standards are in compliance with The Standards of Psychoanalytic Education before it is eligible to be become a Member.

 6.  Component Organizations will not establish or participate in an external accrediting board in psychoanalysis independent of the Accreditation Council for Psychoanalytic Education (ACPE).

 7.  Psychoanalytic Membership Organizations seeking to become component organizations of the Consortium will require a unanimous vote of approval by the existing component organizations.

 8.  A component organization may withdraw from the Consortium after the decision to do so has been made by the governing body of the organization and the members of the Consortium's Administrative Committee have been notified.